Tottie Goldsmith

Tottie Goldsmith

In my career, looking and feeling fresh is very important. Not only in my acting world (whoever invented high definition should be locked away) but also as a singer with The Chantoozies and my MC work. We all look for role models in our age bracket and are interested in what others do to look the way they do. I can’t tell you how often women ask me my age and what I do to stay looking fresh. Well here it is; I strongly value a holistic approach as I know that it’s not just one thing that helps us look and feel our best. Having vibrancy and energy, along with good skin, is a big part of what people sense about you. I am very nutritionally aware and have a very clean diet.


Ellie Doulgaris

My problematic skin led me to booking an appointment at Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic. For years I struggled with my temperamental skin. I tried going to dermatologists who would give me temporary fixes for my breakouts and uneven skin tone. I tried everything you could possibly think of and every product I could get my hands on. Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic has helped me to feel more confident in my own skin. My skin tone is more even and breakouts are under control now. The results are something that I never thought possible.  The friendly staff have helped me select products for my homecare that are suitable to my skin’s needs and assess my skin and homecare frequently to ensure that things are on track.


Gaby Kowalski

Before finding Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic I had spent a small fortune with other therapists and doctors who promised me results and never delivered. I suffered from chicken pox scars and had tried everything from injectables to painful needling that left my face bleeding and red for close to a week and I felt embarrassed to leave the house.

My consultation with Sara gave me hope as she explained why my past procedures did not work and what we needed to do to fix my problem. She crafted a home care skin program for me and created a custom solution of treatments. Every time I arrived to the clinic the girls made me feel so welcome and special.


Trish Stoekli

I have worked with Melanie and the team at Advanced Skin and Beauty in a professional capacity for approximately 5 years. I was the director of a large multidisciplinary health clinic, and very impressed with the services and care given by Mel and her team. So much so that they became the only provider we referred to when our patients needed help with beauty and cosmedical needs. We were always confident that our patients would be treated with the highest standard of professionalism, using the latest technology.

When I closed the practice, I continued my relationship with Advanced Skin and Beauty, by becoming the part time in house practitioner, advising clients on nutritional and supplemental needs to support treatments.

Kelly Bowen

Before finding Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic I had some horrific experiences with spray tans, to the point that I was a very orange bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding. A close friend told me about the girls at Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic and as her tan always looked amazing I decided to give them a go.

I was surprised how professional they were and how they educated me on maintaining my tan as long as possible. All the girls give so much love and maintain such a high level of professionalism. I have been going there to have my tans for over 6 months now and my tan always looks natural and lasts a long time. I highly recommend all the girls at Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic.

Erin Pugh

The team at Advanced Skin Beauty have completely transformed my skin. I started going a few years ago when my skin was lacklustre, dry and prone to breakouts. After a detailed consultation from Mal, she immediately knew what my skin needed and recommended a skin care routine that was easy to maintain and worked wonders for my complexion and confidence. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel the need to hide behind foundation.
I look forward to my appointments, the team is friendly and the whole experience is amazing. Thank you!


Gail Butterworth

I have been a client at Advanced Skin & Beauty for many years. The team are always welcoming and very knowledgeable. I love the extended hours the clinic is open as I am over an hour drive away and the convenience of the online booking system.

The skin care and plan I am on is amazing and I have had great results. I recently had an LED facial. My skin looked beautiful afterwards and was really dewy.

The girls here also do amazing tans. Highly recommended!


Tara Hill

I first started going to Advanced Skin and Beauty almost 3 years ago after my previous skin clinic closed down. I sought recommendations from friends and did my own internet research and Advanced Skin and Beauty kept on coming up as being most highly recommended. After my initial consultation with Malinda, I instantly felt comfortable and excited about my journey ahead. And what a wonderful journey it has been!

I visit the clinic regularly to partake in the treatment plan Mal has in place. I love that my plan changes every 6-8 weeks based on what my skin needs and that it is adapted to include the latest advancements in technology.

Ellen Reading

My mother was blessed with perfect skin, she has had a simple skin regime her entire life, throw in some of my Dad’s genes and I wasn’t quite as blessed! As teenagers my mother would make sure we were always provided with high quality products, and regular check-ups with our local beautician to keep our skin fresh and blemish free.

Roll the clock forward another fifteen years, and I find myself in Melbourne, when I stumbled across Advanced Skin and Beauty. Originally for a last minute waxing appointment because the other local salons were closed on Monday and they weren’t! I thought I had a good enough skin regime, still having those semi-occasional facials in a Spa Salon, however I had so much to learn from the therapists here.

Carlolyn Vark

Carlolyn Vark

I started coming to Advanced Skin and Beauty over 6 years ago in the lead up to my wedding day.  I had always felt self conscious about my skin, having suffered with awful breakouts for majority of my life.  I just wanted to have that glowy, clear complexion and to feel confident enough to leave the house without makeup!

Over the years the beautiful therapists have always listened to my concerns, and taught me so much about my skin and how to look after it, providing treatment options that are appropriate, but without being pushy.

Tiffany Harding

I have been visiting Advanced Skin and Beauty since 2013, that’s 5 years of complete satisfaction.

I am truly delighted with the results I have achieved, particularly with the significant improvement of skin pigmentation on my face, neck and back of hands. I have very fair skin and had a lot of damage due to sun and solarium use over the years. Not only does my skin look more ‘even’ toned and clearer, it is also firmer and my fine lines are noticeably reduced.

Tracie Gane

I’ve been coming to Mel and the lovely ladies at Advanced Skin & Beauty Clinic for the last 8 years and I can honestly say I would never consider going anywhere else.

Over this time I believe I’ve had just about every treatment available and have always been extremely happy with the results.  Having treatments such as laser or needling I need to feel comfortable and have total confidence in the therapist as anything to do with my face can make me feel extremely vulnerable.  All of the therapists I’ve had over this time have made me feel at ease and exude confidence in what they’re doing.  These girls know their stuff and I love that I can switch off, close my eyes and relax knowing that I’m in very caring, capable hands.  I basically just have to wake up and walk out the door with an amazing healthy glow!


Semma Stonehouse

I came to Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic feeling really down about the way my skin looked. I had recently experienced major hormonal shifts and allergies I didn’t even know about until I attended the clinic. With the use of their amazing technology and the skills of their very experienced technicians, I saw results within the first few treatments. The therapists are all so skilled and the clinic is quite intimate so you’re not passed around to whoever is on shift and not having to explain yourself over and over again.


Kiera Reyez-Nunez

I have suffered from acne for years I had become so self-conscious of my skin and felt like nothing was working. The moment I started my treatments with Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic I was blown away with the clinic, how friendly the staff are and how comfortable I felt. Their knowledge and advanced technology are incredible, and I instantly had complete trust in the treatment plan they had created for me. Their extended hours and location made it so easy for me to fit into my busy life and their service is a level above!

Abigail Gordon

Abigail Gordon

I had some dark skin pigmentation (Melasma) on my face, mainly on my upper lip area which was becoming darker and quite honestly, it looked like a moustache. I had read a fair bit about Melasma and the reasons for it. Mine was due to those delightful hormones after having my second child. My skin tans very easily and I love (OK, loved) the sun.

I was doing the usual nightly flick through Facebook and saw an advert for Advanced Skin & Beauty Clinic in Albert Park. They had some before and after pictures of a client of theirs who recently had a treatment called Dermamelan, a depigmentation facial peel which treats Melasma. That was what prompted me to call up and make my initial appointment.


Darryl Geyle

To be honest, the thought of having facials or skin treatments had never really crossed my mind in the past. Some of my friends and work colleagues had recently mentioned their experiences with skin clinics and I wanted to see what all the rage was about. So I booked myself into Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic, for what I thought would be a once off, facial and pamper session. I was blown away with how amazing it was. Not only did I walk away with an awesome glow but it was also extremely relaxing. All I had to do was walk in, the staff knew what they were doing, lay back and switch off. I get why the ladies love this now.

I am proud to say, I am a regular customer now.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

I have suffered from Malasma for around 8 years , it causes awful unflattering dark pigmentation on my face which is an absolute nightmare to treat! In the first few years I had it it was at its worst and very hard to cover even with full coverage foundation, if I attempted to cover it it would look so thick and unnatural.
Luckily I started working with the team at Advanced Skin as their resident Cosmetic Tattooist and I took advantage of where I was working and seeked help from my new colleagues-this was the best thing for me, several of the specialist therapists have treated me with skin needling and peels, and I learnt it was so so important to use good skincare (I personally can’t live without the Matrix Dr Rewind and Hydration Serum, I use more from the range but they are my must haves! ) and I also have become religious with sunscreen.

Jo Campbell

Jo Campbell

I’ve been having treatments at Advanced Skin and  Beauty for almost 5 years now and it will always be my go to for anytime I feel like treating myself or Im in need of a treatment. My favourite is the spray tan! Without a doubt the most natural and flawless finish I’ve ever had. The staff are always so professional and considerate, not to mention skilled and knowledgeable in what they do.

From the moment I walk through the door and greeted with a yummy tea, the outside world just disappears and I know I’m going to be treated to an hour of absolute bliss!

Francine Mazzeo

Francine Mazzeo

Lets talk Skin ?

When I was 25 years old I was working as a flight attendant the aircraft environment together will dehydration and shift work played havoc on my young skin.

I visited @advancedskinbeauty for regular facials and skin peels to combat my breakouts and oily to dry skin. 
Fast forward to now a few years closer to 40 my skin condition has improved rapidly but I’m also targeting other areas such as fine lines wrinkles and pigmentation from being pregnant. 

I like to have fresh clean skin so that I don’t always have to always wear make up.

Bianca Eaton

Bianca Eaton

The team at Advanced Skin and Beauty have been instrumental in guiding me through the start of my skin journey for Melasma.  Being olive skinned it can always be a challenge to find the right treatment but more importantly the correct salon.  The warm welcome each time I receive when I come in makes me feel at home. The team have always lifted my spirits especially at times when you are not looking the best!

I have been so happy with the progress and I look forward to continuing my journey with this wonderful team.  I am extremely grateful for their knowledge and the late opening hours to be able to make it in after work.  This special place has now become a permanent fixture in my life. I just can’t thank the team enough.


Rahnee Karge

I have been a client of Advanced Skin and Beauty for over 7 years, and it’s not just the tea I keep going back for!  I use an array of services from making myself beautiful before an event or having my eyebrows done, but it is Dermamelan Facial Treatment I underwent in December 2017 that I would like to thank the team for today.

You see, for the past fifteen years I have had the skin condition Melasma – which creates grey/brown patches on the face – and had tried many different ways to combat the condition without much luck. 

Pete Lynagh

Pete Lynagh

I have been having facials at Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic for a few years now. As a male, I was quite nervous to visit a salon but the therapists have always made me feel so comfortable. Their knowledge and treatments are exceptional. I had never really done much with my skin and started to notice I was ageing. A friend highly recommended me here and they definitely didn’t disappoint. The New York facial is a favourite of mine, but I love that the therapists always incorporate other treatments depending on my skin condition. They set out a full homecare routine for me which I honestly thought I wouldn’t stick to, but I have become obsessed with the results and how good my skin feels. I have had so many compliments recently on my skin, my confidence has increased, and I feel fantastic. I send all my mates into the clinic, and I encourage everyone to just go for it.

Andrew Boening

Andrew Boening

To be honest, the thought of having facials or skin treatments had never really crossed my mind in the past. Some of my friends and work colleagues had recently mentioned their experiences with skin clinics and I wanted to see what all the rage was about. So I booked myself into Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic, for what I thought would be a once off, facial and pamper session. I was blown away with how amazing it was. Not only did I walk away with an awesome glow but it was also extremely relaxing. All I had to do was walk in, the staff knew what they were doing, lay back and switch off. I get why the ladies love this now. I am proud to say, I am a regular customer now.

Susanne Gerrard

Susanne Gerrard

I was referred to Advanced Skin and Beauty in 2014 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I wanted advice on the best skin treatment and products that would be safe whilst pregnant.  I was so impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the detailed skin consultation that was done prior to any treatments being performed.

Following the birth of my daughter I was then provided with an updated treatment plan in preparation for my upcoming wedding. I had a lot of pigmentation and fine lines which needed treating and wanted my skin to glow for my special day.


Post Op: Breasts

I had a breast augmentation and lift overseas and was left with some serious scarring. The scarring was part and parcel of the surgery, however, being olive skinned, the pigment of the scars was enough for me to want to have this areas treated.

My body wasn’t healing as quickly as I wanted to and I sought help from the staff at Advanced Skin and Beauty. I underwent a 10 week treatment plan including but not limited to LED light therapy treatments and Sublative.  After just the first session of Sublative (post healing) I noticed a major difference.

Here I was about to book to go under the knife again for SCAR SURGERY and 10 weeks on, with Sublative and pigment correction creams I was able to reduce the scars pigment and the raised areas of the scars.