Skin Rejuvenation and Photo Facial

Skin Rejuvenation and Photo Facial2019-04-13T14:50:19+10:00

Skin pigmentation, spots, redness, capillaries, rosacea and uneven skin tone

Eliminate sun spots, skin pigmentation and skin imperfections with the pigmentation reduction programme customised to your skins needs. Up to 4 treatments may be required for optimal results and maintenance programs for continued glowing, even skin tone. Utilising the latest medical technology we are delighted with the exceptional results from this safe & effective system. Suitable for most skin types.

Face $450
Décolletage $499
Cheeks & Nose $249
Face, Neck and Décolletage $750
Cheeks $160
Single blemish/Patch $80
Nose $99
Hands $155
Neck $250
Other areas of the body POA
(A3 size area $450)

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