This advanced skin diagnosis assesses key genetic, internal and external influences that affect your skin condition and behaviour. Through the VISIA spectral analysis, seven key areas of skin integrity are assessed including wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, hydration, oil-flow, capillaries and porphyrins (evidence of bacteria/open pores). This detailed analysis assists with prescribing the best treatment and product program available.

$80 (30min) Redeemable on any purchase or skin treatment over $150


An excellent introduction for facial first-timers

Let us customise a facial treatment suited to your skin type and specific concerns. Tailored treatments are available for pigmentation, fragile capillaries, skin redness, dull skin, open pores, rosacea, acne, blackheads, scarring, clogged skin, wrinkles, sun damage, and premature ageing. Let our qualified and experienced therapist determine the best treatments on the menu that your skin requires, ensuring exceptional results and great value for your investment.

$155 (55min) Includes an Advanced Digital Assessment


Our signature facial – the ultimate gift

Experience our most popular facial – the ‘New York’ It’s fantastic for all skin types and conditions. We use diamond Microdermabrasion to provide immediate results in the fight against ageing, followed by an enzyme exfoliation. Your skin will be left looking fresh and revitalised, clearer and brighter. The New York is our favourite as it gives incredible results with that touch of relaxation.

$155 (55min) *Sonofusion add-on $75


Results, relaxation & the ultimate in hydration. We start off with a medi cleanse to invigorate and clean your skin thoroughly. This treatment then indulges your skin in a lactobotanical or oxygen peel on your face, neck and décolletage to remove all of the superficial dead skin and stimulate your own natural collagen production and saturate your cells in moisture. We will then mix up our Matrix Dr Hydrating Serum which holds over 1000 times its own weight in water and our customised infusion blends to ensure we are targeting your specific concerns and skin conditions. This infusion uses our Sonofusion technology to ensure all of these active ingredients are pushed into the lowest layers of your skin where all of your concerns are; kicking off the transformation process.

$299 (55 min) Face, neck & décolletage


This paramedical grade facial gently removes superficial dead skin cells to restore the skin’s balance by combining a lactobotanical peel with a customised infusion of selected actives such as vitamins and botanicals. This treatment is not only amazing for all skin types but delivers dramatic and long-lasting results every time. It’s available in different strengths and infusions, selected by your therapist.

$195 (45min) *Upgrade LED $75


A customised sono infusion of selected actives such as vitamins and botanicals are used to stimulate collagen synthesis and to target your specific concerns. This treatment is not only amazing for all skin types but delivers dramatic and long-lasting results every time. It’s available in different strengths and infusions, selected by your therapist.

$130 (30min) *Upgrade LED $75


This facial is an advanced mini medi-facial treatment utilising an enzyme exfoliation and customised mask to give all skin types a deep clean. This active treatment will also brighten, hydrate and restore your skin’s natural balance leaving you with clean, dewy fresh skin.

Sonophoresis can be added to enhance the results of this treatment.

$119 (30min)


Epi-Blading also known as Dermaplaning, is a gentle method of deeply exfoliating the skin. A surgical blade is worked over the face removing the outer layers of dead skin cells as well as any fine hair (great for blonde hair that cannot be treated with laser). This exfoliation is even more thorough than microdermabrasion and is best done in conjunction with a Sonofusion.

$140 (30min) *Sonofusion add-on $50

  • Lactobotanical peel with scalp massage
  • Oxygenation treatment
  • Hydrating Silk mask with a neck & décolletage massage

$199 (50min)


Particularly suited for congested and acne prone skin, this clarifying treatment combines microdermabrasion and an active lacto enzyme to increase lymphatic drainage, decongest and remove cellular debris. An antibacterial mask completes the treatment, accelerating healing, reducing the spread of bacteria, minimising blackheads, congestion, breakouts and excess or unbalanced oils.

$130 (30min)


Results and relaxation in one! This facial combines a diamond Microdermabrasion and a powerhouse of antioxidants to feed your skin and target your concerns. Our hydrating serum is combined with active powders, which are blended and infused into the skin using our Sonofusion machine. This enables the product to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin to help rectify any potential damage. This facial is great for reviving and rehydrating all skin types and includes a luxurious scalp, face, neck, décolletage and shoulder massage.

$199 (75min)


Remove the dead, dying and flaking layer of skin cells on the surface of your skin with Microdermabrasion. This skin rejuvenating procedure is safe, increases your cell turnover and refreshes tired skin, creating an instantly smoother complexion. We highly recommend to add a peel or Sonofusion over the Microdermabrasion for best results as once you have removed all that debris our active ingredients will be able penetrate deeper.

Face: $120 (30min)
Face, neck & décolletage: $199 (45min)


Without restricting your results by categorising your skin before we see it, we complete a thorough analysis of your skin on the day and use those results to customise your facial using specific ingredients to address your skin concerns. You will leave in a total state of relaxation from our signature facial, neck and décolletage massage. We treat all skin conditions from ageing to acne, sensitive to dehydrated and pigmented to scarred skins. This includes a facial cleanse, exfoliation, enzyme mask, hand or foot massage, treatment mask, face, neck and shoulder massage followed by an antioxidant serum and sunscreen to finish.

$155 (55min)


Particularly suited to congested and acne prone skin, this clarifying treatment combines an active enzyme with steam to increase lymphatic drainage, decongest and remove cellular debris. Our blue Low Light Therapy completes the treatment by creating oxygen species to penetrate the skin and destroy bacteria. This treatment includes a prescription, recommended clinic treatments and educational advice on how to look after your skin at home.

$99 (45 min)
*vitamin infusion add-on $60


Body, Back and Shoulder facials/peels/microdermabrasion available starting from $99.