Diathermy – Red Capillary Reduction

Diathermy – Red Capillary Reduction2019-01-18T19:00:52+11:00

Diathermy treats the capillaries and red veins (spider veins) on the face and superficial small capillaries on the body depending on depth. We apply a current just underneath the skins surface by tapping a fine needle along the affected area, coagulating the blood inside the capillary and collapsing the vessel wall. After a 6 week period the lesion will be less visible and in some
cases vanishes.

Typically 3 to 6 treatments are required to clear facial veins but even after one treatment of Diathermy there will be a noticeable difference. Diathermy is usually offered in 10 to 20 minute treatments.

10 min $55
40 min $80
25 min $69
55 min(body) $95