Advanced Laser Facial

Advanced Laser Facial2019-04-13T15:17:45+10:00

The IRIS Advanced Laser Facial is also known as the “Hollywood facial” or the “Red Carpet Lift”. Collagen is the support network for skin. As age advances, collagen in the skin breaks down, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. Additionally, years of sun exposure result in pigmentation, redness, enlarged pores and discolouration. Laser Facial is the best way to treat all of your conditions but also to minimise pores and remove blackheads.

Q-Switch Laser is the gold standard for resurfacing. It refreshes the skin without any downtime, as the laser does not affect the outermost layers of skin and instead passes through the upper layers of skin to stimulate collagen deep below.

Advanced laser facial $350
6 pack $1740 ($290ea) save $360
Laser Toning $350
12 pack $2880 ($240ea) save$1320
Face, neck & décolletage $500